Book of Thrones

Welcome to the world of royal and princely dynasties.

I would like to introduce electronic encyclopedia on royal genealogy and history of kings and rulers of all parts of the world.

It has 2 parts: e-mail service providing you access to extensive accumulated data on royal genealogies and 9 e-books, each consisting in many volumes covering all princely dynasties according to geographical location. All means absolutely all as I have collected information about many thousands dynasties and rulers.

There are many genealogical compilations out there. Some are free, others have installed paywall. What makes my encyclopedia unique?

Every researcher in genealogical field collects thousands of books & compilations. Some of them are extremely rare, out of print, without electronic versions available in bookshops. Primary historical sources, i.e. original records, acts, orders, coins, charters, inscriptions and documents, not easily found even in largest libraries. Some history books and obscure monographs, dissertations provide genealogical data fully backed by references to original records so these secondary (derivative) sources so can be taken as equal to primary sources.

Thus if you want to learn about history of particular dynasty via my books and supplemented e-mail service you’ll see not only my interpretations of different genealogies & analysis of historical records but also will get data on which my assumptions and hypotheses are based.

It’s history in the making which I undertake in order to prove validity and soundness of my claims.

Take a look at example what you’ll get if you subscribe to my genealogical service.


What you will get if you subscribe to my encyclopedia?

First of all you’ll get links to download my books in popular electronic format of your choice, pdf being most widely used for correct representation of texts, pictures and diagrams across different platforms from desktop computers to mobiles.

Genealogical information from time to time gets revised after new information discovered, another monograph came to light etc, relevant historical essays thus need to be rewritten, maps adjusted, fresh photographs and scan copies of documents included. If you subscribe once you’ll get new editions of relevant books free of charge, just like apps on your smartphone automatically updated in order you have latest approved version.

Plus as extra service I can provide free of charge screenshots, photographs, excerpts (in different formats) of any source of genealogical information I have used in my encyclopedia.

At my disposal there are electronic copies of all, many thousands books & almanacs in many languages. Most of them are very rare books indeed which I was lucky to find and order online or purchase in bookshops in different countries during my extensive travels around the world in decade since 2003 to 2012. I spent in fact at least 3 years on daily scanning these books and turning into electronic form.

I can’t offer access to them wholesale because it will be infringement of copyright of their authors however in private correspondence with my readers I can provide snapshots as proofs of my claims. See Copyright page for further discussion.

List of dynasties and countries covered by my encyclopedia as well as sources for every particular dynasty can be found here.

Because of huge amount of work electronic books will be released in installments on completion. Subscribers will be automatically notified by e-mail on their release and provided with links to download books.

After subscribing completed you can place enquiry for my sources on 3 dynasties a week for full one year since subscription date and in reply you’ll be provided with scans, excerpts and screenshots of my sources.

If you have any questions before subscribing don’t hesitate to write me letter to my e-mail box

Want to subscribe now? Please proceed to Subscription page to learn price and mode of payment.


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