Strategies of predators and their prey in geopolitics

When reading Eskov’s book “Wonderful paleontology” I often thought whether basic principles of evolution can be applied to behavior of modern states and civilizations? I am not a proponent of discredited social Darwinism but some ideas imho can be worthy to ponder about.

If we take Huntigton/Danilevsky axiom of civilizations as main actors on world scene undoubtedly

The West could be main predator in modern world, a sort of Tyrannousauros, ultimate fighting machine of the day.

Russia could be Allosauros, another predator jealously guarding largest land estate in the world.

There are 3-5 more civilizations in the world, Indian, Chinese and Muslim (plus African and Latin American in some sources) which are not developed enough to challenge first two predatory civilizations.

Every predator has optimum favorite prey size thus lion feeds mostly on antelopes though can kill and eat buffaloes and rabbits. Victims of predators develop strategies for survival:

A increasing speed of reproduction

B adopting protective color

C developing poisonous protecting attributes

D changing size to become either too big or too small for rapacious predator.

If we apply these strategies to policies of weaker civilizations we’ll see

1 India use mix of A (big population) and B (mimicking Western-style democracy)  strategies,

2 China A (big population), C (economy) and D (too big to fail),

3 World of Islam also A but different (immigrating to the West trying to embrace it and change it from inside), C (Islamist terrorism) and D (Muslim states keep disintegrating becoming too small a prey for the West).

4 Russian strategy almost exclusively concentrated now on C (baring teeth capable to inflict on the West deadly cuts) after dropping pretence of B (recognizing different ancestry and unsuitability for marriage with Western regimes).

Not to make you despair let’s think about mission of biolife on Earth – Nature created us to keep geochemical balance.

We should not fail our planet and if crazy fascist Obama tries to start nuclear war he must be removed from power and face Nuremberg 2 for his crimes against humanity.

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