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Hunger strike in McLeod

Today I went down to McLeod Ganj, the place where Dalai Lama lives.

Unfortunately I didn’t take camera with me, I could make a picture of big tent in Tibetan colors set up on the corner of main square next to the oldest building in town, Nowrojee House.

Tibetans filled the tent and were sitting on hunger strike to protest China’s policies in Tibet, where spate of tragic self-immolations by young monks continues. Last sad news came in the morning.


This picture of 1st from recent immolations. Tapey, monk from Kirti monastery, set himself on fire on February 27, 2009, then he was shot dead by Chinese armed police.

After Tapey more than 20 young Tibetans ended their life with such gruesome method, most of them in 2011.

Tibetan exiles in India watch plight of their brethren in Tibetan areas of China with desperation and come out protesting Chinese policy.

Soon India hosts BRICS summit and president Hu Jintao is expected to visit New Delhi.

Tibetan protests make Indian police & authorities extremely nervous, they keep vigil and try to thwart Tibetan demonstrations not to embarrass their dear guest Mr Hu.

You can read further about recent self-immolations and implications for Tibetans and Chinese policies in the region in Man on Fire, article by Bhuchung Tsering