Critical view of House of Lords report on SOA between EU and Russia over Ukraine

European Committee of House of Lords issued new report

titled “The EU and Russia: before and beyond the crisis in Ukraine”


At first glance report seem to be exhaustive and despite varied mix of experts invited or interviewed by HL committee it has many inherent flaws which render it’s useless and impractical in formulating EU and UK policy towards Russia overall and Russian involvement in Ukraine in particular.


Wrong content:


Omissions and commissions in HL report


1 House of Lords rightfully noted broken Western promises not to enlarge NATO and presented facts indicating imperial nature of EU project when it failed to recognize both trading blocks led by Russia: Commonwealth of Independent States (under which Ukraine enjoys wide range of privileges) and Eurasian Union which is going to replace CIS.


Imagine Western reaction if Russia would poach European member-states inviting them to join Eurasian Union and would say to Brussels: “It’s none of your business”.


However HL report don’t go in details of Ukraine privileges and obligations as member of CIS – it’s major omission and thus Russian trading interests in Ukraine not covered sufficiently.


2 House of Lords report totally omit Nazi nature of Ukraine regime installed by the West in coup, numerous war crimes committed by Kiev regime forces in Donbas as well as human rights violations from mass murders (as in Odessa) to systematic torture in Kiev regime Gestapo’s secret jails around the country.


No word on widespread totalitarian censorship in media and persecution of political dissidents by new regime.


Without open discussions and honest assessments about nature of Kiev regime and its despicable actions full-fledged dialogue between Russia and the West won’t happen, the sides in new Cold War are bound to have limited interactions on ceasefires and unilaterally imposed sanctions and counter-sanctions. There will be no dialogue between Western societies and Russian society as well.


House of Lords also wrongly assume in passing (in remarks of biased so-called experts) benevolent view Russians have of the West in general and European Union in particular.


EU maybe seeing itself as community of democratic, well-governed, corrupt-less and peace-loving states but in Russian point of view such claim not corroborated by hard facts which show long history of disastrous wars and invasions in different parts of the world from Mali and Libya in Africa to Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq in Asia as well as giant corruption and plutocracy which prosper and often institutionalized in EU member states.


Hard facts also show new EU member states like Bulgaria essentially lost their sovereignty, all important decisions taken in Brussels and Washington, the country host US military base (while never hosted Russian military base in past) and US envoys behave in overbearing manner of Hitler’s ambassadors to Sofia.


3 War in Donbas, its origins as rebellion against Kiev tyranny, executed by Kiev regime genocide of Donbas people and destruction of the region infrastructure, as well as implication for Crimea validating claim that Crimeans faced imminent threat from ultranationalist and illegal government in Kiev and Ukrainian neoNazi groups patronized by new regime, totally omitted from HL report.


Wrong experts:


Liliya Shevtsova bound her fate to Ukraine regime regularly posting in all-Ukrainian newspaper Den (The Day) ridiculous articles comparing ussia to Nazi Germany and Putin to Hitler. She was wrong in so many assessments that it’s difficult to list them all here.


Sergey Guriev disguises himself as economist but worked as investment banker who fled Russia for greener pastures. He holds grudge against Russia and tries to talk down Russian economy at every opportunity using manipulation tricks usual for Western press.


Mikhail Kasyanov is one of the leaders of discredited pro-Western marginal opposition in Russia, regarded as Western stooge. Has corrupt reputation since early 1990s and was nicknamed Misha 2% (his usual rate of bribe from contracts value).


Vladimir Kara-Murza has image in Russia of dishonest journalist since his work on oligarch Gusinsky controlled NTV when he was part of defamation campaigns against Gusinsky’s rivals. Later he re-emerged on various pro-Western media outlets but could not distinguish himself even on field on rabid anti-Putinism.



My verdict:


Without discussing what happened and happening in Ukraine since Western coup and disastrous war in Donbas House of Lords report is at best useless and impractical piece of paper.




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