My genealogical encyclopedia is compilation of facts arranged in new and original way and thus can enjoy limited protection. You are free to use and quote me and my sources without specifically notifying me or seeking my permission. By allowing fair use I just expect providing link and citing my work if you re-use my data and books.

More important question for author of such genealogical compilation is whether he infringes on anyone’s copyright. My guidebook on these matters is excellent “The Copyright Permission and Libel Handbook” by Lloyd Jassin and Steven Schechter who state “ideas and facts cannot be copyrighted but compilations of facts can be protected in limited way”.

I respect work of historians and publishers of all books that I used in preparing my encyclopedia and it’s not my purpose to break their rights intentionally. However their ideas and facts were utilized by me according to concept of fair use.

If you need clarification or have specific questions on copyright you can write to my e-mail box

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