#MH17 final evidence?

Komsomolskaya Pravda, largest circulation daily in Russia, published interview with Ukrainian man, who claimed to have worked as ground staff in military airfield of Dnipropetrovks. Link to the interview

He said to newspaper on day when Malaysian Boeing #MH17 crashed near Donetsk he was working on the field, serving Ukrainian jet fighters and one SU-25 returned on base without munition – air-to-air missiles. SU-25 pilot Vladislav Voloshin was looking very scared, kept mumbling about “not that plane”.

Recently Dnipropetrovsk governor & oligarch, funder of several Ukrainian volunteer battalions like Azov & Dnipr, was tricked by one pranker to talk over skype & in one of their conversations when subject came to #MH17 oligarch said mysteriously: “They got different plane, hahaha” but didn’t reveal who were “they” and why it was “different”.

Ukraine immediately after #MH17 crash claimed Donbas rebels were responsible, backed up this claim by intercepted talks between Cossaks on remote & humble checkpoints. How Cossaks could down airliner flying above 10K m wasn’t clear.

Ukraine claimed rebels used captured BUK in downing #MH17 but didn’t release radar data. Russia said on day of #MH17 crash at least 9 Ukrainian BUKs radars were working as well as American spy satellite passed Eastern Ukraine at the time of catastrophe.

Rebel BUK theory was usually backed by Western officials & media by blurry pictures of BUKs found on social networks like Twitter. One of most commonly used had number 312 & recently one of its staff members gave interview where he rebutted rumors of BUK’s capture by rebels – BUK 312 was and is under Ukrainian control.

Few days ago Victoria Nuland informed us that US gave “secret files” on #MH17 to Netherlands which investigating air crash.

So these are the facts concerning #MH17 investigation. 2 immediate questions arise from these data –

1 if SU-25 was used, is it technically possible or not? Acc to wikipedia entry SU-25 can fly upto 7K m but its weaponry R-60, air-to-air missiles, can hit targets in 7-10 km distance.

2 if BUK missile was used specialists say missile should be detected by any radars working in area as well as leave white trace visible from Earth but neither radar data was released nor any eyewitnesses saw white trace from missile.

Though interviewed by KP ground staffer’s testimony is not bullet proof evidence backing 1st theory of Ukrainian SU-25 jet fighter, it’s very close to that stage if his evidence will be backed by independent commission.

In other words – if his claims are true, it’s indeed becomes clear that Ukraine air force jet fighter Su-25 downed Malaysian Boeing 777 #MH17 on July 17, 2014.

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