In morning I was leaving hotel for breakfast. Near entry I was passing group of three men: two Nepali, a guide, and the other owner of my hotel, Mr. Gurung, and one Asian man with Japanese features. The tourist was about to trek to Poon Hill (famous for Himalaya views), so he was waiting ACAP permit office opens at 10:30.

We talked a little bit, the Japanese was interested where I live in Russia, as it’s too big, I explained. Like many Japanese his English was not good, and Mr. Gurung translated what I said.

I was surprised. Probably before he worked as a guide for Japanese trekkers, and learned language. I gave him a compliment
– Oh, you speak Japanese, wow!
But his joy was short-lived as Japanese intruded:
– He speaks badly, strong accent.

We all politely laughed, but Mr. Gurung felt a bit uncomfortable. He wanted to please his guest translating me, and look what he got.

Maybe making others feel clumsy, uneasy has something to do with gender, as I noticed men are more willing to make others feel uncomfortable than women.

Or maybe I’m wrong.

children do not feel clumsy at all

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