Hi to everyone

I finally arrived in English-speaking blogosphere and this is my first post. It’s not that I am newcomer – I posted English language diaries long before, for example on Daily Kos but I never had personal space to express myself.

This is not so much political blog, it’s just about everything in Asia and India in particular. I have lived in India for many years and I am very much interested what’s going on there and especially I am interested in Tibetan question despite it looks so hopeless at the moment.

For political commentary I opened another blog, so if you’re want to discuss current political affairs with me welcome there.

And last few words about myself: I am traveller and writer. In last 8 years I have been living and travelling in many countries of Asia, in the process I wrote three guidebooks on India and Goa for Russian publishers. Right now I am working on my fourth book.

Andrey Davydov

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